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Shanghai Hishine Machinery Co.,Ltd

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For over 20 years, Shanghai Hishine Machinery Co.,Ltd has been well established in serving maritime and shipbuilding markets. 
Our team members mainly consisit of Sales, Design Engineers, Buyers, Quality Engineers, Project Managers with previous rich working experience in leading state-owned Machinery Trading company, shipyards, and class society. 
Our core business include:
Sourcing and Supply for Marine Products from China;
 Sales Agency for International Marine and Shipyard Equipment;;
 Manufature and Supply ;
 Ship Design&Engineering
With continous and successful service to our clients in maritime industries, we have built our strong relationship with both Chinese Shipyards and also Internaitonal Clients in Maritime and Shipbuilding industry. Among our international clients, we have continuously worked with some of our clients in US, Norway, Japan, Brazil for more than 10 years; Over years, we have also built our know-how in sourcing and screening highly qualified and cost-efficient marine products made in China to international market. 

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